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    It is the policy of Washington County Hospital and Clinics (WCHC) to assist any patient who has an identified special need including, but not limited to, hearing impairment, vision impairment, speech impairment, manual impairment or language barrier, which would compromise proper communication. All patients have the right to free auxiliary aids, competent written translation, and oral interpretation. WCHC is committed to ensuring that individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, have speech or manual impairment, and individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful, accurate, and equal access to services, activities, programs, and benefits.

    Please notify WCHC staff if auxiliary aids or other service accommodations are necessary.

    Interpreter Services

    At WCHC, interpreters are available at no cost to assist communication between the health care providers and the patients and their families whose primary language is not English. Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment or upon arrival to the hospital department. Language assistance may be provided through a telephone service if an interpreter is unavailable in person.

    Services for patients with hearing impairments

    Sign language interpreter services are available to our patients with hearing impairments at no cost. If you need this service, please notify staff when requesting an appointment or upon department arrival. Interpreter services are provided through a video remote interpreting (VRI) service.

    A text telephone (TTY) is also available for patients with hearing impairments. Please notify staff of your interest in using a TTY.

    If you have any questions about auxiliary aids or interpreter services please contact the Director of Social Services at 319-863-3927 or the Department Director or designee.