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Volunteering keeps your soul in good health.

Washington County Hospital and Clinics offers a number of volunteer opportunities. Do you enjoy visiting with people while being surrounded by beautiful gifts and flowers? If so, the WCHF Gift Shop may be just the place for you. The shop, began in 1999, owes its success to the committed group of volunteers who come in as scheduled and give of their time. The shop is open from 9 am to 5pm and has several special events throughout the year.

Opportunities to help others are easy to find and rewarding.

Do you like to knit? New babies at WCHC receive a gift of a knitted hat from volunteers. Several volunteers make these for the hospital.

Another group of volunteers delivers ice water to the inpatients at the hospital. They also deliver a smile and someone to share a few words of encouragement. This group also delivers the mail and many other miscellaneous duties.

A final group of volunteers make a difference in the lives of our residents at McCreedy Home, our long term care unit. They help with countless activities and trips at McCreedy Home and also spend time interacting with the residents. They provide another pair of hands or simply and ear to listen.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, call Amy Vetter at 319-863-3920.

Opportunities to volunteer abound. Washington County Hospital and Clinics has a proud tradition of neighbors helping neighbors. Consider these reasons to volunteer:

It's good for the heart
It increases you self-esteem and competence as well as lessens stress and depression.
Studies show that people who volunteer live longer, healthier, happier lives.
You can help someone not as healthy or fortunate as you. The work is enjoyable and makes one feel good.
It provides a way to be useful, help others, and do good deeds.