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For over 100 years, Washington County Hospital and Clinics has been providing healthcare services to Washington County and surrounding community residents.
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Vestibular & Balance Rehabilitation

Issues with vertigo, dizziness, balance, or vision? With two therapists specifically trained for vestibular rehab, WCHC is the best place in town to guide you back to good health.


A physical therapist is trained to look at problems with walking, balance, and to conduct a fall risk assessment. Our physical therapists will determine what is causing your balance and dizziness deficits to create a treatment plan individualized for each patient.

Vestibular disorders may take on many forms such as dizziness, vertigo, problems standing, and loss of balance. In order to correct these disorder, your physical therapist may prescribe general exercise, such as targeted vestibular exercises, based on your condition. Some exercises are geared toward improving balance; others may help the brain resolve differences in the inner ear signals; and some may be intended to improve visual focus. The reasoning behind general exercise is to improve overall physical health and well-being.

Dizziness Treatment

If you are dizzy, the cause may be due to an inner ear or vestibular disorder. Our physical therapists often specialize in an area of therapy called vestibular rehabilitation, in which therapists work to improve the symptoms of dizziness and the balance problems that you may also experience. Much of a therapist's job is to help get a person moving again and manage the dizziness at the same time. Exercise and performing daily activities are the primary ways of accomplishing this goal.

Physical therapists can provide essential coping strategies that make recovery more tolerable. If specific activities or chores around the house cause dizziness, learning ways to perform them differently may help to keep the dizziness to a minimum. Activities that were simple before the vestibular disorder may become difficult and cause fatigue and dizziness. The therapist can help you work through some of these issues right away and get you moving, and back to a productive life more quickly.


One symptom of a vestibular disorder is Vertigo, the sensation of spinning. Even though you are still, you may feel like you are moving, or the room is moving around you. You may also have nausea, vomiting, sweating, and abnormal eye movements. Vertigo has several causes, including, but not limited to: BPPV (positional vertigo), inner ear infections or disorders, migraines, tumors, stroke, head injury, or vestibular hypofunction.

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is often treated by a physical therapist. The physical therapist will make a specific treatment plan depending on your symptoms and their causes. Treatment for vertigo and other symptoms include head/neck maneuvers or various other exercises aimed at retraining the vestibular system to not evade symptoms of dizziness and daily activities.

Our physical therapists utilize Frenzel Goggles which assist in diagnosing the cause of your vertigo. These goggles (seen at the top) are a specialized pair of goggles, equipped with a camera to view your eye movement when you experience symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo. While your balance and walking may still be impaired after your vertigo has stopped, your physical therapist can treat these problems and help get you back to your normal level of activity. Our physical therapists also use the Balance Master, which utilizes a force plate and computer system to provide a balance assessment while retraining your sensory and voluntary motor control.

Rehabilitation Services Contact Information

Location: Hospital (South Entrance)
Open Hours: Monday-Friday 7:15 AM - 5 PM
Phone: 319-863-3962

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