Skilled Nursing

Recover with Us - Skilled Care at WCHC

You have been in the hospital or have had surgery and it's time to begin the journey home. WCHC has recently expanded both its staff and facilities for Skilled Care Services. Skilled care is a "step down" from the care patients receive during hospitalization. Patients may qualify for skilled care if they are recovering, but still need care such as IV treatments or physical, occupational or speech therapy. WCHC now has rooms and staff dedicated to rehabilitation and activities for skilled care patients.

The WCHC team works closely with physicians to have a monitored environment where you can be active in your treatment programs and be continually monitored. Each patient must show progress towards their individualized treatment plan.

There are many specific requirements through Medicare to qualify for skilled care with one being that the patient needs to have completed a three-night acute care hospital stay within 30 days. That stay can be at any hospital and you can utilize skilled care at WCHC to help regain your previous health. Many insurance plans provide coverage for skilled care, but WCHC recommends each patient get prior approval from their insurance company before beginning a skilled care stay.

For more information about Skilled Care at WCHC, contact Bobbi Sue Higdon, RN, Case Manager 319-863-3925.