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For over 100 years, Washington County Hospital and Clinics has been providing healthcare services to Washington County and surrounding community residents.

Long-Term Care

Since 1968, WCHC has been providing long-term care to area residents. Our long-term care provider, Shawn Brigance, DNP, provides excellent care of our McCreedy Home residents as well as patients in 7 different long-term care facilities in the area. Shawn specializes in geriatrics, care for the older population. While you can certainly trust Shawn in providing your care, you may continue to see your primary care physician at the Medical Clinic or Family Medicine.

As part of the WCHC campus, the McCreedy Home has convenient access to many health services. Our skilled staff assists our physicians, therapists, and specialists in helping residents achieve their highest level of health and independence. Keeping residents active and comfortable is how we like to provide a fun and "home away from home" environment.

Medical Needs:

Outpatient Services

The McCreedy Home is attached to Washington County Hospital and Clinics. Services such as X-rays, labs, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and specialty clinic visits can be provided without leaving the comfort of the hospital complex.

Nursing Services

We understand the transition to a new facility can sometimes be difficult. Whether you are a long-term and short-term resident, our nurses take the time to genuinely care for your personal as well as medical needs 24 hours a day. You can rest easy knowing our licensed, professional nurses will care of you.

Care Coordination

Our disciplinary team will evaluate each resident on admission day, every 90 days, and with significant health changes. They will identify potential resident issues, strengths, and preferences to provide the best possible care. Our registered dietitian will review all your dietary needs on a regular basis. Therapeutic diets are provided at no additional cost.


We love to keep the atmosphere upbeat and engaging at the McCreedy Home. Rehabilitation is provided to you at no additional cost by Certified Restorative Aides to keep you active and healthy.

Social & Spiritual Needs

A variety of programs are offered to promote spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Group and individual activities are available as well as community programs and special events on a regular basis.

  • A Social Worker works with residents, families, and nursing staff to meet the psycho-social needs for the residents.
  • Local churches care for the spiritual needs of the residents.
  • Fenced courtyard area is available adjacent to McCreedy for resident and family pleasure.

Other services include:

  • In-house beautician and barber services at a cost
  • Basic Mediacom cable
  • Telephones available for $5/month
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services are provided.
  • Washington Evening Journal and Des Moines Register available for shared use
  • Assistance is provided to off-campus appointments if families are not able to accompany residents.

Our History

Long-term care at Washington County Hospital and Clinics began in 1968, when the new hospital was constructed. At that time, the original hospital was converted to long-term care for many years until regulatory requirements called for a new facility in 1988.

The new facility was built as an attachment to the hospital which allows for immediate care available to its residents. This new facility was named after one of Washington's most noted physicians, Dr. McCreedy. The facility's staff follows Dr. McCreedy's dedication to his patients and commitment to excellent care.

McCreedy Home Contact Information

Location: McCreedy Home
Open Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Phone: 319-863-3958

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