Laboratory Services

Laboratory professionals provide a unique role in providing quality laboratory test results that contribute to healthcare for patients. Virtually every diagnosis begins with a laboratory test. Our Laboratory at WCHC provides a wide range of tests that your physician relies upon to provide your care. At WCHC, the laboratory performs over 100,000 tests annually. WCHC's laboratory is staffed 24 hours a day and provides service for local physicians and patients. In addition, many patients who are followed by Iowa City and Cedar Rapids doctors have laboratory tests needed to monitor medication and chronic illness performed here. This is convenience that enables patients to have local service while the test results are interrupted by their out-of -town physician.

The WCHC laboratory has a staff of nine full-time technologists and phlebotomists. Several per diem techs work on an occasional basis. Each month the lab staff processes an average of 1,000 outpatient blood collections in addition to the needs of hospitalized patients.