Pillars Gift Shop

    The Pillars Gift Shop, operated by the Washington County Hospital Foundation has been in business since 1999, thanks to the Edith Hemmings Estate. The Pillars Gift Shop offers a variety of gift items for patients and visitors. It is located near the main entrance and is completely managed and staffed by volunteers. Thus, all profits go to the Foundation to fund improvement projects or equipment purchases for Washington County Hospital and Clinics. The Gift Shop offers a wide variety of items, something for everyone.

    Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

    The Pillars Gift Shop is not just a hospital gift shop, but a gift shop in a hospital. Some of the items that we have include:

    Fresh Flowers
    Cards of every sort
    Stuffed animals
    Assortment of Handbags
    Candles and lotions
    Dolls of every kind
    Stepping stones and memorial stones
    An assortment of gifts for men
    WCHC clothing items
    Links for the add a link bracelets
    Children items-puzzles, clothing, books, and much, much more!

    These are only a few of the items. To find out more information or to call and place an order, please call the Gift Shop at 319-863-3970.