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For over 100 years, Washington County Hospital and Clinics has been providing healthcare services to Washington County and surrounding community residents.

Dietitian Services

Think you might have a dietary issue? Want a new, healthy recipe for dinner tonight? No matter your dietary need, WCHC's Registered Dietitian will help you achieve your goals through education, assessment, and individualized assistance.

General Services

WCHC offers individualized nutrition education (ex: diabetes, heart healthy, low fiber, high fiber, weight gain, weight loss, etc.) as well as nutritional guidance and consultation to patients and/or their families. Our dietitian performs nutrition assessments and follow-ups on patients as well as instruction on specific nutrient needs. Working with our Medical Surgical department, the dietitian participates in weekly care conferences and recommends nutrition supplementation as needed.

McCreedy Home

In the McCreedy Home, our long-term care facility, our dietitian will assess the nutritional needs and prepares a nutritional plan of care for each resident. Our dietitian also participates in weekly care conferences regarding guidance and consultation to the residents and their families. Both residents and families are encouraged to ask any question they may have regarding their diet. Monthly weights of each resident are monitored to recommend appropriate interventions as needed. Lastly, our dietitian will recommend nutrition supplementation as conditions indicate.

Outpatient Services

For our outpatient department, our dietitian offers individualized nutrition education and one-on-one consultations with patients. Our dietitian develops specific nutrition goals based on individual patient needs and guides the patient towards long-term changes. WCHC also offers a diabetes education program, instructing the public how to live a healthy life with diabetes.


Our dietitian does various other jobs within the hospital like reviewing and approving all menus as well as providing ongoing education training with staff through in-patient services and department meetings.

Dietician Services Contact Information

Location: Hospital
Open Hours: Please call to schedule an appointment
Phone: 319-863-3937

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