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For over 100 years, Washington County Hospital and Clinics has been providing healthcare services to Washington County and surrounding community residents.

Diabetes Education


WCHC's Diabetes Education program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and certified by the State of Iowa for meeting the national standards for diabetes self-management education. We are committed to informing our communities how to prevent and control all types of diabetes. Our programs are developed to provide patients with diabetes the skills needed to achieve the best quality of life. Our Diabetic Nurse Educator offers a variety of services for patients with Type I, Type II, Gestational Diabetes, and Prediabetes including:

  • Individualized Diabetes or Prediabetes Education
  • Group Diabetes Classes
  • Annual Follow-up Class
  • Prevent Program
  • Insulin Pump Instruction and Management
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Pump Support Group
  • Diabetes Support Group
  • Follow-up phone calls

Individualized Diabetes Education

Our Diabetes Nurse Educator will meet with patients one-on-one to conduct an assessment to determine patient's specific needs. During this session, our Diabetes Nurse Educator will train you on self-managing your chronic disease and how to live a healthier life. Instructional topics may also include: general diabetes overview, blood sugar monitoring, understanding and preventing complications, diabetic emergencies, healthy eating/meal planning, exercise, medications, goal setting, and stress management.

Group Diabetes Classes

A group class is held on the 1st Monday of each month from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm to provide participants with the skills and support needed to improve your quality of life with Diabetes. Classes are taught by a multi-disciplinary team including: Diabetic Nurse Educators, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, and Social Workers. Topics during this session will include: goal setting, preventing complications, medications, meal planning, exercise, glucose monitoring, stress management, and foot care.

Annual Follow-Up Class

Individuals who have participated in previous diabetes education are invited to an annual follow-up class to review skills and techniques to best manage your condition. Participants will review medications, meal planning, tips for dining out, preventing complications, and the ADA's recommendations for standards of diabetes care.

Prevent Program

This program is designed to provide participants, who are pre-diabetic or at risk of becoming pre-diabetic, with tools and encouragement to change lifestyle habits that can delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. Prevent is a 4-6 month program, individualized to meet the needs of the participants. During this program, participants will work toward losing weight, becoming more active, eating healthy, and developing a support system.

Our Diabetes Nurse Educator is committed to helping you achieve the best quality of life possible. For more information or to schedule diabetes instruction, please call 319-653-2030.

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